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Dulcina . . ., Oualie . . ., Nevis the Queen of the Caribbees!!


“Where Adventure Meets Nature”

NevisNevis the hidden gem of the Caribbean Islands. Thirty six square miles of pristine natural beauty, and a volcano in its midst, rising out of the ocean at 3232ft. Once home to the indigenous Arawak and Caribs.   The Arawaks name the Island “Dulcina”–“sweet Island” wereas the Caribs referred to it as “Oualie”—“Land of beautiful Waters”. Centuries later Nevis became one of the leading sugar producers in the region, producing the richest sugar, thus the island was referred to as Nevis -“Queen of the Caribbees”.  Today Nevis is still considered the “Queen of the Caribbees”.   Are you fascinated by history? Do you love to bike or hike? Well, why not blend both and let’s have some fun. Let Nevis Adventure Tours take you on an adventure you will definitely enjoy.   On the bike we can take you to historical sites, ruins, off roads trails, picturesque landscapes and many other areas on the island that dates back to the early 1600’s. On the hiking trips you will experience spectacular views from the top of Nevis Peak; or we can take you along a nature trail to visit bamboo fields, cocoa trees, and a wide range of herbs and healing plants.   Thirsty? Let’s take stop at our rainforest waterfalls and have a drink of fresh cool water coming right out of the mountain as you walk along the trail.  Join us at Nevis Adventure Tours, where adventure meets history and adventure meets nature!

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